What Is The Medication Named Tadacip And When is It Used?

Tadacip is one of the names for selling of Tadalafil, a world-known and popular substance used for medications that allow men with an inability to get an erection during arousal to restore their sexual lives.

You probably know the drug Viagra which is the most famous erectile dysfunction drug. This name is known to everyone since it had already become a generic term or a common name. It is indeed one of the most advertised and promoted medicines for ED but not the most effective. The effect of Tadacip is basically identical to the effect of Viagra but is even more potent. So if you want to upgrade your sexual life successfully and without many expenses, you should definitely buy Tadacip and not the most advertised brand.

How is Tadacip better than Viagra?

Not only Tadacip but all other medications based on the same active substance Tadalafil are better than Viagra because their effect lasts for up to 36 hours unlike the effect of the most known medication which is only around 5 hours. Besides, the effect of Tadalafil is quite even during the day and not only right after the pill intake. The incidents with persistent erection ere reported only in relation to Viagra and not Tadalafil.

Is it safe to buy a generic drug instead of the branded one?

The most expensive and advertised medication based on Tadalafil is Cialis. It is a very popular medication that gradually lost its positions only to the generics with the same composition. It means that there are no other equal by the effect ED medications based on other component. The only competitors of Cialis are its analogs sold cheaper.

Many years of production and marketing of cheaper generic medications prove that there is no point of overpaying for the brand. You can get the same effect and enjoy a renewed sexual life at a much cheaper price if you buy generic Tadacip.

However, you should only opt for reliable sellers such as RxShopMD who sell only trustworthy generic drugs from best producers. The store ships all products worldwide and sells them without Rx so you can additionally save on visits to your doctor.

How is Tadacip used?

The formulation is used identically to Cialis – one pill around 40 minutes to one hour before a sexual intercourse. One pill is the standard dosage but the dosages per pill can vary. It is advised to use the medication in the dosage of 10 mg for the first time and use the next time the same dosage or raise it to 20 mg or lower 5 mg depending on the effect and desired strength of effect.