How To Make Money With Soccer Betting

Using soccer betting as a way to get money as the main activity or even just as a supplement to income is simply unthinkable for most people. Why? Simply because in fact, more than 80% of punters lose money in the long term to soccer betting. This is because they fail to simple soccer bet winning strategies or they fail to get sure win soccer prediction from verified soccer tipsters.

How in such conditions people could even imagine having money through betting. We will see in this article how the idea that it is not possible to have money through betting is wrong for a minority of bettors.

The case of online poker

Before getting into the heart of the subject of soccer betting and having money through this activity, let me talk about another area very similar, which is also quite popular: online poker.

10/15 years ago almost all players were losing money online poker. For most people, having money through online poker was a crazy idea, and it just seemed impossible. But in reality, it turns out that there are poker techniques to succeed to have an advantage over his opponents. These techniques were totally unknown 15 years ago, and only a handful of players knew them. The consequence of this is that these few “destroy” players complement their opponents. These techniques (sometimes quite simple and sometimes a little more complex) allowed to have such an advantage over those who did not know them that the game of poker was almost easy those who mastered them.

In 2003, while some sharks share a big cake, Chris Moneymaker, an American poker enthusiast wins the largest poker tournament in the world. The consequence of this is that poker will then experience an unprecedented boom. Indeed, millions of people recognize themselves in this amateur player, and the dream of having money easily thanks to poker develops in the minds of people.

Thus, in the years that follow, people begin to learn these famous techniques that allow you to gain an advantage over your opponents and to secure long-term gains. Many online coaching sites come out of nowhere, and everyone starts learning this game.

Over the years, the average level of poker players increases, and it becomes more and more difficult for poker pro players to live comfortably because their opponents are better simply.

Today, poker played in a professional manner becomes quite complicated. On the other hand, it is still possible to make a supplement of income relatively quickly. Let’s see the link it has with soccer betting.

Soccer betting as a way of having money

While 15 years ago you would have asked someone if it was possible to have money through online poker, people would have told you that you were crazy, today online poker is professionalized, and most people now know that it is possible to earn money through poker.

I think we are today in sports betting even “place” that we were in poker 15 years ago . In fact, when you ask a person today whether it is possible to win and have money through soccer betting, this person will most likely tell you that you are raving. And that’s quite normal because today no one knows how to bet (as no one knew how to play poker 15 years ago).

So, today a very small minority of very good bettors who are able to get the sure win soccer tips share a huge cake. We can see that soccer betting has been developing for several years now, more or less serious coaching sites give sure win prediction on how to win bets in the long term. In my opinion, we are at an age when professional soccer betting is growing faster and faster. We see more and more former professional poker players make the transition to soccer betting. They are moving from a market that is starting to be saturated to a market that is still in its infancy. Also, as much poker was only a fad, as soccer bets have existed for millennia and it is not about to stop in my opinion.

If I had to give you my personal opinion on the subject, I would say that we are currently at the best moment in the history of sports betting to get started in a professional way. Indeed, we are quite advanced to have understood the techniques that enable us to have money and win over the long term. But we are not too advanced either which allows to have an advantage over the majority of other bettors. The most enriched poker players are those who started playing more than 10 years ago. And I sincerely believe that we are at this level with soccer betting. Those who will launch the next few years will have a considerable advantage over others.