Scandalous or Sweet 3 Ideas Sexy V-Day Lingerie Looks

If you want to surprise your partner with an extra special, ultra-sexy lingerie look for Valentine’s Day, your options are endless. Lingerie sales skyrocket annually as February gets closer, and virtually every lingerie brand capitalizes on this increase in demand by releasing special V-Day styles or even full sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie collections.

Even still, all these options can make putting together the perfect V-Day lingerie look pretty overwhelming. Do you want to wow your partner in a super scandalous see-through style? Does the thought of showing so much skin in lingerie make you cringe, no matter what holiday you’re celebrating? How festive or “special” does V-Day lingerie really need to be?

Always consider your own comfort level and style preferences first when shopping for lingerie—no matter what time of year it is. Choose styles that make you feel like your best, sexiest self. If you need some guidance, use these ideas while V-Day lingerie shopping to help you pick out the most flattering, stylish pieces that also match your own personal style and lingerie preferences.

  1. Simple and Scandalous: Lace Bra and Panty Set

Bold, scandalous lingerie looks don’t have to be super complicated. In fact, some of the best scandalous lingerie styles are elegant and understated to let your sexy figure steal center stage.

A lace bra and panty set is sexy and scandalous, but it is simple enough to keep the attention on your figure. Red lace bra and panty styles are perfect understated options for Valentine’s Day lingerie. Plus, you can mix and match these red lace styles with other styles in your collection all year long. Bra and panty sets are ultra-versatile, too. If you want to show off some more skin or add interest to your look, add a matching garter set, choose crotchless panties, or opt for a sheer lace unlined bra.

  1. Classic and Classy: Semi-Sheer Teddy

A semi-sheer lace teddy is the perfect V-Day lingerie option for you if you want to try a slightly more adventurous style for Valentine’s Day but don’t want to step too far out of your comfort zone.

Teddies are one of the sexiest lingerie styles on the market, period. Bodysuit lingerie styles are ultra-flattering for virtually any body type, shape, and size and help you create a complete lingerie look with just one piece. They effortlessly smooth the midsections of women with curvy or plus size figures, and highlight the curves of slimmer women with more athletic body types.

  1. Flirty and Feminine: Silk Babydoll

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to get super adventurous with your lingerie for Valentine’s Day. Bold does not equal special. You can still create a sexy and memorable V-Day lingerie look without baring all. If scandalous style isn’t your thing, go a different route with a silk babydoll that is equal parts flirty and fun while keeping you squarely inside your comfort zone. A silk babydoll is a sleek, elegant, flattering choice for your V-Day bedroom attire.

Choose a red or pink babydoll style for a festive finish that’s appropriate for celebrating the holiday of love and romance. Don’t worry about looking boring. If you feel comfortable, confident, and sexy, there will be nothing boring about your lingerie look even if you’re not wearing the boldest or most scandalous styles. You and your partner will both have much more fun celebrating Valentine’s Day in the bedroom if you’re feeling good about yourself than if you’re feeling uncomfortable in what you’re wearing.