More Advantageous Between Lumin Cpap Cleaner And Soclean

In your researches to find a best CPAP cleaner you will be needing, you would probably end up seeing results on reviews and recommendation of using either Lumin CPAP cleaner or SoClean. The products are both advertised heavily on their functions and benefits. So, before you choose among the cleaner which is best for you, better check out the purpose of cleaner, health benefits, price advantage and possible risks.

The common similarity between Lumin CPAP cleaner and SoClean is not using any water, soap or disinfectants chemicals for your device sanitation. The products also both claimed to wipe out any unnecessary bacteria that 99.9% of germs will be successfully eliminated on your device.

Differences between Lumin CPAP cleaner and SoClean

Lumin CPAP cleaner vs SoClean products surely have many differences in many aspects. Consider evaluating below differences for your decision making.

  • Cleaning technology

-Lumin CPAP cleaner is utilizing high power ultra violet light for cleaning bacteria while SoClean 2 CPAP cleaner use activated oxygen for sanitizing your device.

  • Cleaning Cycle Time

-Lumin CPAP cleaner takes only 5 minutes of your time while SoClean 2 will probably takes your time for about 2 hours due to some waiting period and steps that you have to perform first.

  • Warranty Years

-Lumin CPAP cleaner provides long term warranty for about 24 months which means equivalent to 2-years warranty while SoClean 2 warranty only is for about 12 months or 1-year warranty equivalent.

  • After Services Maintenance

-In terms of filter replacement and prewash of equipment, availing Lumin CPAP cleaner does not charge any additional fees after product availed and there are no possible recurring fees as it uses a light source. While SoClean 2 has mandatory replacement of filter and prewash of equipment for every 6 months with additional cost to incur.

  1. Additional Product Accessory
  • For the product to function, Lumin CPAP cleaner does not need any accessory like an adaptor to use while SoClean 2 will need an adaptor to be able to use it.

Advantages of using Lumin CPAP Cleaner

Basing from the Lumin CPAP cleaner features for convenience and easy life usage, you would likely consider trying Lumin CPAP cleaner after comparing it from SoClean 2. Lumin CPAP cleaner would be more advantageous when it comes to efficient cleaning cycle time, warranty services, cost minimization in the long run. There is no harm in trying Lumin CPAP cleaner for you.