How To Maintain Wedding Rings

All jewelries, especially engagement rings and wedding rings should be maintained in order to retain the original glow. Take the time to dedicate to your jewelry, so you preserve it from external influences and damage that may occur over time. Go to Boundless Weddings Toronto

Jewelry in contact with skin collects a variety of fat, dead cells and elements from the water which have a negative influence on it. Jewelry can best be cleaned with a toothbrush or small painting brush and liquid detergent or washing powder.

The most common way to clean jewelry:

In a small saucepan pour water, put the jewelry and add some washing powder. Let the water boil. Remove the saucepan from the stove to cool and then you can clean the jewelry with a toothbrush. After that just polish it with a cloth. Before you use any harsh methods, consult your jeweler about whether it is safe for your jewelry.

If your jewelry contains a gemstone, make sure it is resistant to temperature. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires are resistant while topaz, amethyst, opal, emerald, pearl, coral are sensitive and must not be heated.

After washing make sure that all the stones are there. In some cases, a stone can drop during the washing. The advantage is that you will find it after cleaning and you can take it in for repair.

How to maintain jewelry:

The silver usually gets dirty because of oxidation, which makes your jewelry tarnish. It is impossible to avoid this process, but you can keep more of your jewelry shine by a regular maintaining.
Silver jewelry can be clean: only with water and soap, and this process can work from time to time lemon can also serve as a tool for cleaning, water in which you dissolved a little salt, toothpaste that you will apply to an old toothbrush or cloth, rub the jewelry with water and baking soda to which it is necessary to dip the jewelry with a mixture of alcohol and talc to perfectly clean the jewelry.

Additional tips: Rub each piece of jewelry with a wet cloth, then dry it with a soft, dry cloth. Never put your jewelry in a bag along with other jewelry, especially if that other jewelry is made of metals other than silver.

The gold is a soft metal, so you should pay attention not to damage it. You have to accept the fact that gold jewelry in everyday use gets little scrapes and loses its original splendor. In some cases, it is harder to scratch, and in most cases it can be taken to polishing and jeweler will make it good as new.

Gold jewelry can be cleaned with: water and washing powder, toothpaste and ammonia, which is required to be dissolve in water with magnesium, which will also dissolve in the water and you will let the jewelry to stay for 24 h in alcohol.