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The Lion King is based on the story of Simba, a young cub who is born to the king of the jungle, Mufasa. As Simba grows, his inquisitiveness does not let him rest. He is constantly looking to explore more, even the areas that his father told him not to. Scar, who is Mufasa’s bother and the villain of the story, use this situation to his advantage. He gathers a pack of hyenas, and sets a trap for Mufasa using Simba as bait. The trap works and Scar kills his brother Mufasa by pushing him off a cliff. Scar goes onto to become the new lion king.

With Simba’s life in danger, his friends take him away where he is raised totally isolated from others of his own kind. He misses his father, and feels lonely. As he grows up, events force him to return to the group, and face Scar and the Hyenas.

Recognition and Awards

The actual Broadway production won 8 Drama Desk Award back in year 1998, and one Theater World Award and 5 Tony Awards. In year 1999, the London production won 2 Laurence Olivier Awards. The 2008 original France production won 3 Molière Awards.

Since the very first production back in 1997, the play has been performed on all the major stages worldwide including Singapore, Vegas, Madrid, Toronto, Melbourne, Seoul and many others. Broadway can be considered as he home of the Lion King with the West End not that far behind.

Lion King Tickets

The Lion King is a story of love, friendship and standing up for what is right. The story and the songs combined together are the reason why the movie and the music are such a great hit among everyone.

People who grew up watching the Lion King will find the musical a lot more enjoyable than the first timers, due to the added nostalgia factor. It turns out to be a treat for the first time viewers, specially if accompanied by their kids. The musical offers something for the entire family to enjoy.

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