5 Checkpoints For Ensuring A-One Marble Purchase

Marbles are used in many kinds of buildings like offices, homes etc (as kitchen slabs, for flooring and for satisfying many more needs). If you are building an office or a home then you have to select various kinds of marbles suiting different needs. You have your own salon? Then purchase marble shampoo wash bowls & sinks that look marvelous. It assists well in creating good impression about your salon in the mind of your customer. You can gather such products at wholesale rates from Marble products supplier in India. But make sure that you check the quality of marble finely before buying them.

5 checkpoints for ensuring the purchase of A-one marbles

A huge amount of money is involved in buying marble products for satisfying all your building construction needs. Invest your money well on purchasing high quality marbles that last long. 5 checkpoints for assuring the purchase of high quality marbles are:

  1. Check whether marbles are evenly sized
  2. Make sure that marbles have uniform thickness
  3. Avoid buying marbles having cracks
  4. Scratch & check marbles for understanding its quality
  5. Check the porosity level using the lemon juice trick

Check whether marbles are evenly sized

The marbles that you buy must be evenly sized. If marbles vary in size then it will take long time to fix the marbles in place. Too many measurements & adjustments have to be made in such cases – so that no space occurs in between the unevenly sized marbles. Therefore completely avoid buying unevenly sized marbles.

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Make sure that marbles have uniform thickness

Not only should the size of the marbles but also the thickness of marbles have to be the same. Else slipping and other issues will be caused when such marbles are installed together. This is because the dissimilar thickness (or height from the ground level) fails in forming a flat surface convenient for walk. Hence check whether the thickness of all the marble slabs is the same.

Avoid buying marbles having cracks

Marbles veins at times they hide cracks. You can get marbles having small cracks at-cheaper rates. They can be used as pavements in low traffic areas. But avoid buying marbles having larger cracks even if they are provided at minimal rates.They are not of good quality and will get damaged easily. Flip the marble and check whether any cracks are present before purchasing them.

Scratch & check marbles for understanding its quality

Original marbles are vulnerable to scratches. Therefore if the marble responds to scratch then you can buy them. If the marble resists your scratch then do not buy it as it is not an original one. The color of such marble gets faded easily and therefore cannot be trusted.

Check the porosity level using the lemon juice trick

You can use lemon juice for checking the porosity of the marble. Drop lemon juice -3 or 4 drops – on the marble surface you want to test. If lemon juice gets vanished into the marble then this means that the marble is highly porous. Marbles that absorb lemon juice quickly are not of nice quality and therefore should be avoided.

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The above 5 tips will help you in choosing A-one quality marbles. Are you a black marble fan? Then procure black marbles from Black Marble Manufacturers in India. Buy evenly sized marbles having uniform thickness. Make sure that the slabs that you purchase do not have any cracks (hidden behind the marble-veins). Scratch marbles and make sure that they respond back to the scratches without resisting it. This ensures the originality of the marble you buy. Use the lemon juice trick for testing the porosity level of marbles. Avoid buying highly porous marbles. Wishing you an A-one marble purchase fitting your budget & needs well!